Welcome to the home of Sports adventure shooting in South Africa:

Sports adventure shooting (Acronym Sas. Not SAS) is a crossover shooting sport that seeks to incorporate realistic training for the sport shooting community. The principles of Sas are Shooting, Moving, Awareness, Learning about your capabilities, Communicating and Support. Think of the Winter Olympic Biathlon where the sport shooter has to constantly move and shoot. know ones body limits and be in tune with the surrounding environment. That is Sas a pure sport shooting challenge.

At the club there is a drive to introduce standard sport shooting course of fire (SSSCOF) for all sport shooting firearms where a sport shooter can measure ones marksmanship over a period of time by repeating SSSCOF with the main focus on MARKSMANSHIP. Hence to always improve ones accuracy.

These are skills that need to be acquired to be competent and involve ones ability to think out of the box and test ones self on fundamental sport shooting skills.

LATEST NEWS: Sas has affiliated with Toiminta-Ampujat Ry (Action Shooters Association) of Finland. This is very exciting and for more information about this click HERE to find out what this means for Sas.

All these skills are tested in our annual competition. The Delville Wood Memorial.

Please view our FAQ (frequently asked questions). This will give you a better overview and understanding of what to expect when attending Sas.

All skill level packing lists are found in the link HERE.

Sport shooters will be graded in their marksmanship and fitness level as per the Sas grading system view HERE.

Remember, the carrying of kit is not optional, the attached list is a comprehensive list of the individual items required to be carried per skill level (Level 1/2/3). If attending please take careful note of the requirements as the levels are completed on a go / no go basis. If one item of kit is excluded you will have to redo the whole level in order to receive that levels completion patch. There is some more information available here on what happens post L1/2/3.